William Henry Fitchett

William Henry FitchettWilliam Henry Fitchett (1841-1928), born at Grantham, Lincolnshire, England, was a clergyman in the Wesleyan ministry, a  writer and an educator . He emigrated to New Zealand with his parents. He wrote commemorative sketches on anniversaries of notable events in British history which became a book Deeds that Won the Empire (1897). The book was placed by the Admiralty in all warships' libraries, adopted as a holiday-task book in some great English public schools and printed in Braille. 100,000 copies of the six-penny edition were sold. It  was followed by several similar historical works including  Fights for the Flag (1898); The Tale of the Great Mutiny (1899); Nelson and his Captains (1902); How England Saved Europe (1899-1900), a four-volume story of the war of 1793-1815 written for Cornhill Magazine.

He also wrote several novels one of which is historical naval fiction, not copyright in many countries, and available as a free eBook in the online store.


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  The Commander of the Hirondelle Lieutenant Harry Gaunt is given the task of capuring the Hirondelle 


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