Helen Hollick

Helen_HollickHelen Hollick was born in Walthamstow, North East London and began writing at the age of 13. She is the author of the Arthurian trilogy, The Pendragon's Banner and the novels Harold The King and The Hollow Crown.

She has also written a pirate fiction series.

AOS Pirate Fiction

Series: The Sea Witch series


 Book  Comment
  Sea Witch Jesamiah Acorne's life changes when he attacks a merchant ship
  Pirate Code Jesamiah must undertake to find out why a spy had not returned from Hispaniola
  Bring it Close Edward Teach - better known as Blackbeard - has a bone to pick with Acorne.
  Ripples in the Sand A Royal Navy frigate is trailing Sea Witch which has a hidden cache of brandy and indigo aboard
  On the Account (Not yet published)
  Gallows Wake (Not yet published)

 The author’s official web site is www.helenhollick.net