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Four frigates capturing Spanish treasure ships 5 October 1804 by Francis Sartorius C National Maritime MuseumIf you are looking for more information about a particular historic naval fiction title, this index will help you find it on this site. Just select the first letter of the title from the menu above (Books commencing with 'The' are listed under 'T').

Related books, such as those which are mysteries, part of land based series or mixed with fantasy are listed seperately. There are also listings for Short Stories, Anthologies and Series Companion Books

Books set after the Age of Sail, Privateers, Pirates, General Nautical and Non-Fiction works have listings under Other Naval & Nautical Genres 

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1811 Essentia By William Bertram
1809 Ben Brown On the Beach By William Bertram
1809 Ben Brown Vive Le Roi By William Bertram
1809 Ben Brown Rite of Passage By William Bertram
"1805" By Richard Woodman