Authors A-Z

Ship-of-the-LineDetails of the authors together with chronological lists of their works are available from the full alphabetical index below . Authors are listed under their forename or initials i.e. 'C.S. Forester' can be found under 'C'. You can browse through the authors by using 'Next' and 'Prev'.

For more detailed information on individual books you can follow the links from within the authors record or use the 'Book Title Index' in the left hand menu.

To see how the various books fit with each other and with historic events a timeline is also available. The index includes books from the age of sail and the transition to steam period up to the early 1900’s.

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Adam Hardy
Alan Lawrence
Alaric Bond
Alec Merrill
Alexander Fullerton
Alexander Kent
Andrew R. Welsh
Anthony Forrest
Anthony Morgan
Arthur Anthony Gladd
B. N. Peacock
Bill Wall
Bob Stockton
Brian Burland
Broos Campbell
Bruce Grant
Bruce Weiser
Bryan Perrett
C. Northcote Parkinson
C. S. Forester
Carl D. Lane
Carter A. Vaughan
Charles D. White
Charles E. Friend
Charles Henry Eden
Charles Nordhoff (1830-1901)
Charles Nordhoff (1887-1947) & James Norman Hall
Charles Rathbone Low
Cheryl Cooper
Chris Scott Wilson
Christopher Kenworthy
Christopher Royle
Cyrus Townsend Brady
D. A. Rayner
D. V. Reddish
Dan Parkinson
David Donachie
David O'Neil
David Perry
David Poyer
Debra Sue Denson
Derrick G. J. Swinfield
Dewey Lambdin
Dudley Pope
E. Thomas Behr
Edgar Pickering
Edward Buell Hungerford
Edward Hamilton Currey
Edward Howard
Edwin P. Hoyt
Edwin Thomas
Elizabeth Matthews
Ellis K. Meacham
Ernestine Hill
F. Van Wyck Mason
Farnham Bishop
Francis Claudius Armstrong
Frank Eccles
Frank Tilsley
Frederick Chamier
Frederick Marryat
G. A. Henty
G. S. Beard
Garland Roark
Geoffrey Martin Bennett
Geoffrey Watson
George Cupples
George Fielding Eliot
George Manville Fenn
Gerry Garibaldi
Glyn Adams
Harry Collingwood
Harvey Haislip
Henry Carlisle
Herman Melville
Irving Litvag
J. C. Edwards
J. D. Davies
J. E. Fender
J. MacDonald Oxley
J. P. W. Mallalieu
Jack M. D. Owen
James Burns
James Dillon White
James Fenimore Cooper
James L. Nelson
James Norman Hall
James Otis
James Spurr
Jan Needle
Jan Vlachos Westcott
Jason Vail
Jay Worrall
John Boyne
John Jennings
John Lesterman
John Mahon
John Mariner
John Stack
John Stevens
Jon Williams
Jonathan Lunn
Joseph B. Icenhower
Joseph L. O’Steen
Julian Stafford Corbett
Julian Stockwin
Keith W. Evans
Kenneth Fenwick
Kenneth Maynard
Kenneth Roberts
L. A. Meyer
Leighton Harding
Leon Garfield
Les Eldridge
Linda Collison
Lloyd M. Moxon
M. C. Muir
M. Howard Morgan
M. Kei
Marcus Palliser
Mark E. Benno
Mel McIlveen
Michael Aye
Michael Molloy
Michael Scott
Michael Winston
N. Beetham Stark
Nicholas Nicastro
Noel Bertram Gerson
Patrick O'Brian
Paul Dowswell
Pearl Frye
Percy F. Westerman
Perry Comer
Peter Carter
Peter Smalley
Porter Hill
R. W. Daly
Randall Peffer
Raymond J. Toner
Richard Nigel Stembridge
Richard Woodman
Robert Challoner
Robert Michael Ballantyne
Robert N. Macomber
Roger Burnage
Roland Burnham Molineux
Ronald Wanttaja
S. Thomas Russell
Sam Llewellyn
Samuel Whitchurch Sadler R.N.
Sarah J. Waldock
Seth Hunter
Showell Styles
Simon White
Sir Edward Belcher
Stephen W. Meader
Steven E. Maffeo
Steven Valentine
Susan Cooper
Tobias George Smollett
Tom Bowling
Tom Connery
Tom Grundner
Tom McNamara
V. E. Ulett
Valerie Roosa
Victor Mays
Victor Suthren
Vivian Stuart (aka V. A. Stuart or William Stuart Long)
W. H. G. Kingston
Walter Karig
William Bertram
William C. Hammond
William Clark Russell
William Fisher
William Golding
William H. White
William Henry Fitchett
William Johnson Neale
William P. Mack
William Stuart Long