Sword of State: The TemperingThe second book in Richard Woodmans new Sword of State Trilogy, Sword of State: The Tempering, sees the story of George Monck's life heading out to Sea. It is now available for kindle download worldwide.

The year is 1652. General George Monck has been through an awful lot since he sat as a prisoner in the Tower of London eight years before. He had led his men admirably through campaigns in Ireland and Scotland, but still storm clouds surround his future. Six months ago Monck’s life had been put in peril as he underwent the agonies of the spotted-fever. He had been away from his beloved Anne for many months and had come to London to find whether Ratsford – who had abandoned Anne some four years earlier after robbing her of her life’s savings – was alive and still proving to be an obstacle to their proposed marriage or dead.

Now rumours were surfacing that the increasing difficulties with the Dutch were most likely to lead to war, thus creating a further obstacle to Monck’s


WinningDavid O'Neil recently released a new book in his Forest-Bowers series, Winning. It is now available in paperback and for kindle download worldwide.

Captain Sir Martin Forrest-Bowers returns to the sea once again in the service of his grateful nation, along with First Lieutenant Patrick Brooks and rest of his valiant and loyal crew. Only this time, Martin finds that his wife, Lady Jennifer, is not content to sit idly at home waiting for her seafaring husband to return. Eschewing the expectations of high society, a class to which she and her husband belong, Lady Jennifer decides that she, like Ruth, whether thou goest, will sail at her husband's side and join him in battle as it may come. Finding that she is not the lone female aboard ship, Lady Jennifer learns that her Naval Captain is as brave as she had thought and that battle at his side is even more hazardous than she had imagined.

Captain Forrest-Bowers finds himself and his crew fighting the French, the Spanish, Barbary


Donland's RansomPerry Comer recently released the next installment of the Donland series, Donland's Ransom. It is available worldwide for Kindle download.

It is 1779 and the war is going badly for England. Pirates have kidnapped the Crown prince of Portugal. Donland must rescue the prince before the French or Spanish get to him and persuade him to join forces with them. The ransom to be paid is five hundred pounds sterling in gold coin.

Donland is warned, " The man who requested you has placed you in a difficult position. You are to deliver the gold and provide assistance to him. It is the latter than should concern you, for if his mission fails you will bear the brunt of that failure."

The French fleet of Comte D'Estaing is growing stronger with reinforcements. The Caribbean is becoming a French lake. From Saint Lucia to Grenada and onward to the Port of Spain, Donland and the crew of the Hornet outwit and out sail their pursuers.

Swift PrideAlec Merrill recently released the second book in his Jon Swift series, Swift Pride. It is available worldwide in paperback.

Summer 1746. Louisbourg has fallen. HMS Mermaid, a forty gun ship of the line, escorts a convoy containing surrendered Frenchmen across the Atlantic to Brest, France. Pressed sailor, Jon Swift, struggles with personal demons. Torn from his family by the press gang, their welfare still haunts him. The inequities and injustices onboard a Royal Navy ship of the line add fuel to the fire. Swift seriously contemplates desertion. Events on the Mermaid continually place Swift in harm's way further swaying him. On the other side of the coin, Swift is proud of his achievements, and with no other skills except sailing, a sea life beckons. Will his pride and fortitude see him through this dilemma, or will punishment and arrogance tip the scales the other way?

Byzantine Warship vs Arab Warship: 630-1000 AD has a new book available for pre-order in paperback, Byzantine Warship vs Arab Warship: 630-1000 AD. It will be released worldwide on 20th January 2015.

This engaging study pits the the Byzantine dromōn against the Arabic shalandī in the prolonged struggle for mastery in the Mediterranean in the four centuries after 630 AD.

For four hundred years the Byzantine Empire's naval forces vied with the warships of the Islamic world for mastery of the Mediterranean. At the heart of this confrontation were the fighting vessels of the two powers, the Byzantine dromōn and the Arabic shalandī, both oared warships. In those four centuries of warfare between two major maritime powers, both the Byzantines and the Arabs left us records of their doctrine and tactics, as well as of how their ships were built. Featuring full-colour artwork and rigorous analysis from an authority on naval warfare, this enthralling book offers a glimpse of the long-lost world of war at sea in the age of