• The Beckoning Ice (K)

    The Beckoning IceAuthor Joan Druett's new novel in the Wiki Coffin Mysteries series, The Beckoning Ice, can now be downloaded worldwide for Kindle.

    It is February 1839, and the ships of the United States Exploring Expedition are thrashing about dreaded Cape Horn, on their way to a rendezvous at Orange Harbor, Tierra del Fuego, on a crazy mission to be the first to find Antarctica. A sealing schooner hails the brig Swallow with a strange tale of a murdered corpse on an iceberg--surely a case for Wiki Coffin, half-Maori, half-Yankee "linguister," who is the representative of American law and order with the fleet.

    But circumstances are against him. As Wiki has been banished from

  • Elizabeth's Sea Dogs (HC/K)

    bicheno1Hugh Bicheno's new book, Elizabeth's Sea Dogs: How England's Mariners Became the Scourge of the Seas, was released recently worldwide in hardcover and for Kindle.

    Elizabeth's Sea Dogs investigates the rise and fall of a unique group of adventurers - men like Francis Drake, John Hawkins, Martin Frobisher and Walter Raleigh. Seen by the English as heroes but by the Spanish as pirates, they were expert seafarers and controversial characters. This riveting new account reveals them for what they were: extremely tough men in extremely hard times. They sailed, fought, looted and whored their way across the globe;

  • Ships of Oak - Guns of Iron (HC/K)

    Ships of Oak - Guns of IronRonald D. Utt's new book, Ships of Oak - Guns of Iron: The War of 1812 and the Forging of the American Navy, will be released in hardcover in the US and for Kindle on 4 December 2012. The UK release will be on 20 December 2012.

    The War of 1812 is typically noted for a handful of events: the burning of the White House, the rise of the Star Spangled Banner, and the battle of New Orleans. But in fact the greatest consequence of that distant conflict was the birth of the U.S. Navy. During the War of 1812, America's tiny fleet took on the mightiest naval power on earth, besting the British in a string of victories that stunned both nations.

    In his

  • The Tainted Prize (PB/K)

    The Tainted PrizeAuthor Margaret Muir's new novel, The Tainted Prize, can now be downloaded worldwide for Kindle and will be available in paperback within the next few days.

    The year is 1803 and aboard HM Frigate, Perpetual, Captain Quintrell heads south to the Southern Ocean. His orders are to find a missing ship even if it means sailing all the way to Peru. But in order to complete his mission, he must face the challenges of the Horn, an unnerving discovery, French privateers, political intrigue and even deception and unrest amongst his own crew.

  • Novella: Lewrie and the Hogsheads (K)

    Lewrie and the HogsheadsIf you are looking for that extra Christmas present Dewey Lambdin is releasing a short story for Kindle in the Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures, titled Lewrie and the Hogsheads. It will be released on 25 December 2012 and is now available for pre-order worldwide.

    Dewey Lambdin presents a new short story starring the most colorful captain of the Royal Navy, Alan Lewrie.

    Capt. Lewrie of the HMS Reliant has been stuck in Nassau Harbor, biding his time after ferreting out pirates on the coast of Spanish Florida. Until, that is, one of his brig sloops comes into harbor with an unexpected cargo of survivors from an American brig. Their ship,


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