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The British Navy in the Baltic (HC)

The British Navy in the BalticJohn D. Grainger has just released a new book, The British Navy in the Baltic. It is available worldwide in Hardcover.

This book presents a comprehensive overview of the activities of the British navy in the Baltic Sea from the earliest times until the twentieth century. It traces developments from Anglo-Saxon times, through the medieval period when there were frequent disputes between English kings and the Hanseatic League, the seventeenth-century wars with the Dutch, and Britain's involvement in the Northern Wars in the early years of the eighteenth century. It considers in detail the major period of British involvement in the Baltic during the Napoleonic Wars, when the British navy fought the Danes, Napoleon's allies, and was highly effective in ensuring Sweden's neutrality and Russia's change of allegiance. It goes on to discuss British naval actions in the Baltic during the Crimean War and in the First World War and its aftermath. Throughout, the book relates naval actions to patterns of trade, to wider international politics, and to geographical factors such as winter sea ice and the shallow nature of the Baltic Sea.


The Devil to Pay (HC/K)

The Devil to PayAuthor David Donachie's new novel, The Devil to Pay, will be released in hardcover and for kindle download worldwide on 20 November 2015.

Faced with a ship in need of repair, enemy attacks and the threat of wily Admiral Hotham, John Pearce is sailing into danger.

Meanwhile Ralph Barclay is on his way to the Mediterranean. Thinking his wife still with Pearce and that he can repair his marriage by rescuing her, he sails in pursuit, Hotham half-hoping he suffers the same fate as the admiral has in store for Pearce. Can John Pearce fight to first save himself and his charges from captivity and then to be free from the enemy? It is a battle that will require all of his wits.


Nor Gold: The Pirate Captain (K)

Nor Gold: The Pirate CaptainKerry Lynne has just released a new pirate fiction novel, Nor Gold: The Pirate Captain. It is available for kindle download worldwide.

"Nor Gold" picks up where "The Pirate Captain" left off: Cate Mackenzie, a woman who lost everything to the Jacobite Uprising, trying to make sense out of being sold to Thomas, Nathanael Blackthorne's pirate friend. Once again, Fate has robbed her of both her heart and her home.

As Nathan sails off, Cate tries to come to terms with her new situation. Practicality tells her Thomas is not an altogether poor future: he's amiable, generous, and most of all, willing... but her heart is still with Nathan.

Nathan, in the meantime, has but two quests: to get Cate back, and to claim his revenge against Lord Breaston Creswicke and the Royal West Indies Mercantile Company. In that process, he discovers there is no outrunning his past and that there are consequences for every action.

The Caribbean Sea isn't big enough for Nathan, Thomas and Creswicke. Paths cross... and sparks fly.


The Sea Leopard (K)

The Sea LeopardM. Kei has just released a new novel in his Pirates of the Narrow Seas series, The Sea Leopard. It is is now available worldwide for Kindle download. EDIT: The book is now also available in paperback.

Isam Rais, captain of the xebec, Sea Leopard, is on a swashbuckling adventure in the Mediterranean Sea. Battling unfriendly allies as much as his enemies, he plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with a much more powerful frigate, only to see victory snatched from his grasp by the resolution of the opposing captain. In debt and needing to repair his fortunes, he accepts a dangerous commission from the Dey of the Sallee Republic to hunt pirates—Muslim pirates—disloyal to the country that gives them refuge. Isam finds himself on the unpopular side in a battle of corsair against corsair. In the midst of storm and bloodshed, he is rescued by a mysterious veiled woman in a fateful meeting that will change his life forever.


The Glorious First (K)

The Glorious FirstM. Howard Morgan has a new book available for pre-order on kindle, The Glorious First. It will be released worldwide on 28 October 2014.

War with Revolutionary France takes Lieutenant Vizzard to the coasts of France. He is to escort a government agent known to carry valuable intelligence of vital importance to Prime Minister Pitt's government. Captured by a traitor he must escape France. Can he trust the beautiful Frenchwoman who befriends him?

His work leads directly to the first fleet action of the Revolutionary War with France and to the battle known in Britain as The Glorious First of June where heroes and cowards will die together.


The Chilean Corvette (K)

The Chilean CorvetteLes Eldridge has released a new book which is now available for kindle download worldwide, The Chilean Corvette.

It is 1866. The Civil War is over, the Confederate Navy is gone, and the Union Navy is 90% smaller. Thousands of out-of-work sailors flock to the navies and merchant fleets of other nations. Former Confederate Commodore John Randolph Tucker is hired by Peru and Chile to lead their combined fleets against the might of the Spanish Navy in the War of the Chincha Islands.

After Rory's April wedding in Ireland, and Tobias' engagement, Rory is summoned by Tucker to join his Peruvian/Chilean staff. Rory becomes commander of the Chilean/Peruvian Atlantic Squadron. He recruits Tobias and a host of Irish-American sailor-members of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, the "Fenians," thirsting for adventure, employment and training for the forthcoming Fenian uprising against Britain in 1867.

Together, Rory and Tobias lead the squadron as it carries out Peruvian President Mariano Prado's plan to attack Spanish possessions in the Atlantic, and Spain herself. The Spanish Navy is thrown in chaos as our heroes use steam fireships to destroy the massive wooden warships of Spain, risking their lives in the process.


The Fortune (PB/K)

The FortuneS. K. Keogh has a new book which was recently released worldwide, The Fortune. The second book in a pirate fiction series, The Jack Mallory Chronicles, it is available in paperback and ebook versions.

A deal with the devil... Jack Mallory has vowed to abandon his nefarious seafaring life to be with the woman he loves, but his final act of piracy leaves him facing the noose. His one chance at freedom: a deal with an old enemy, Ezra Archer, a wealthy Charles Town planter. Archer has his sights set on increasing his lands and securing a seat on the Carolina Assembly—and he will destroy anyone in his way. At first, Jack's pact with the ruthless planter seems benign—sail to Virginia to fetch Archer's niece. Yet soon he discovers Archer's plans for the girl are anything but honorable and could endanger his own future, a future that seems increasingly bleak when faced with Archer's next, murderous task. With time running out and innocent lives hanging in the balance, Jack must find a way to break his deal with the devil or forever forfeit the honest life he had hoped to reclaim for himself and his family.


The Privateers Riflemen (K)

The Privateers RiflemenBrad Koch recently released the second book in his Butler Family Chronicles series, The Privateers Riflemen. It is available for kindle download worldwide.

Book one of the Butler Family Chronicles Privateers and Kings introduced the reader to the Butler family and told of their successes as privateers and in the establishment of their entrepreneurial enterprises. The second book of the 'Chronicles', Privateers Riflemen finds the family endeavors flourishing but with danger signs on the horizon. The French in New France (Canada) are insidiously provoking their Indian allies to attack the English colonists living, or seeking land on the frontier. Family members team up with George Washington, in his formative years as a warrior, in the French and Indian War. Tidewater Company riflemen patrol the frontier and battle both Indian and French forces. With George Washington the riflemen participate in the Braddock disaster, bravely holding the line to help save Braddock's retreating army. Having now established a base in the East Indies they are now conducting business with their Chinese, comprador dodging both the English and Dutch East Indies monopolies in the area. Once again their privateering skills are called in to action taking on French shipping and the French navy with exciting results.