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In Hostile Waters (K)

In Hostile WatersWilliam H. White has just released his latest novel, In Hostile Waters: The Cruise of USS Argus, which brings together characters from two of his series. It is now available in for kindle download worldwide and will be released in paperback shortly.

It’s 1813 and Navy Lieutenant William Henry Allen takes the United States brig of war Argus to France to deliver the new United States minister to France. Oliver Baldwin, from The Greater the Honor and In Pursuit of Glory sails as first lieutenant for the commission. The Royal Navy, being at war with France in addition to the United States, has blockaded the coast, of course, but Allen’s orders preclude hostile contact until after he has delivered the minister.

Once that chore is completed, his orders send him on a commerce-raiding cruise to British waters. In a bit over 3 weeks, they sink or burn 21 British merchant ships. And then the English Brig Pelican is sent out to find the marauders and stop the disastrous attacks. Pelican is commanded by Edward Ballantyne, recently seen in Gun Bay and previously, in When Fortune Frowns. There would be no story if the English had been unsuccessful in finding Argus. All we’ll tell you now is that Henry Allen is mortally wounded in the ensuing battle.

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Raid on Port Royal (K)

Raid on Port RoyalPerry Comer recently released the next installment of the Donland series, Raid on Port Royal: Donland and The Hornet. It is available worldwide for Kindle download.

Three sloops does not a squadron make nor a commodore. Sailing from English Harbor, Donland is in command of the sloops Hornet, Stinger and Jacket. His destination is Fort Royal in Carolina to deliver munitions and soldiers. Sumerford has his secrets, Major Ellington of the army has his bluster and Donland has a captain afraid of his first lieutenant. The mix is explosive and Donland is challenged to stay in command.
In freezing weather the munitions and soldiers are landed. A fort has to be subdued and Major Ellington is determined to have his glorious battle. The stage is set for one of the strangest battles of the Revolution. History records the Colonials as the victors but Donland would argue the point.

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The Scent of Corruption (K)

The Scent of CorruptionFor his latest book Alaric Bond has returned to his popular Fighting Sail series. The Scent of Corruption is now available in ebook formats and will be released in paperback shortly.

Summer 1803: The uneasy peace with France is over, and Britain has once more been plunged into the turmoil of war. After a spell on the beach, Sir Richard Banks is appointed to HMS Prometheus, a seventy-four gun line-of-battleship which an eager Admiralty looses no time in ordering to sea. The ship is fresh from a major re-fit, but Banks has spent the last year with his wife and young family: will he prove himself worthy of such a powerful vessel, and can he rely on his officers to support him?

With action both aboard ship and ashore, sea battles, a daring rescue and intense personal intrigue, The Scent of Corruption is a non-stop nautical thriller in the best traditions of the genre.

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Medieval Maritime Warfare (HC/K)

Medieval Maritime WarfareCharles D. Stanton has a new book available for pre-order in Hardcover and for kindle download, Medieval Maritime Warfare. It will be released worldwide on 30 June 2015.

Following the fall of Rome, the sea is increasingly the stage upon which the human struggle of western civilization is played out. In a world of few roads and great disorder, the sea is the medium on which power is projected and wealth sought. Yet this confused period in the history of maritime warfare has rarely been studied - it is little known and even less understood. Charles Stanton uses an innovative and involving approach to describe this fascinating but neglected facet of European medieval history. He depicts the development of maritime warfare from the end of the Roman Empire to the dawn of the Renaissance, detailing the wars waged in the Mediterranean by the Byzantines, Muslims, Normans, Crusaders, the Italian maritime republics, Angevins and Aragonese as well as those fought in northern waters by the Vikings, English, French and the Hanseatic League. This pioneering study will be compelling reading for everyone interested in medieval warfare and maritime history.

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Water Ghosts (PB)

Water GhostsLinda Collison has just released a new novel, Water Ghosts, for Young Adults. It is available worldwide in paperback.

"I see things other people don’t see; I hear things other people don’t hear." Fifteen-year-old James McCafferty is an unwilling sailor aboard a traditional Chinese Junk operated as adventure-therapy for troubled teens. Once at sea, James believes the ship is being taken over by the spirits of courtiers who fled the Imperial palace during the Ming Dynasty, more than 600 years earlier, and sailing to its doom.

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Winning (PB/K)

WinningDavid O'Neil recently released a new book in his Forest-Bowers series, Winning. It is now available in paperback and for kindle download worldwide.

Captain Sir Martin Forrest-Bowers returns to the sea once again in the service of his grateful nation, along with First Lieutenant Patrick Brooks and rest of his valiant and loyal crew. Only this time, Martin finds that his wife, Lady Jennifer, is not content to sit idly at home waiting for her seafaring husband to return. Eschewing the expectations of high society, a class to which she and her husband belong, Lady Jennifer decides that she, like Ruth, whether thou goest, will sail at her husband's side and join him in battle as it may come. Finding that she is not the lone female aboard ship, Lady Jennifer learns that her Naval Captain is as brave as she had thought and that battle at his side is even more hazardous than she had imagined.

Captain Forrest-Bowers finds himself and his crew fighting the French, the Spanish, Barbary pirates, and the Americans as he and a small band of other ships sail the dangerous waters of war in service to his homeland. Then, just when needed and much to his surprise, Martin finds an unexpected ally in battle: the Americans. But can they really be trusted? One question: Friend or Foe? The correct answer means survival.

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Gallagher's Prize (K)

oloughlin1Joseph O'Loughlin recently released his debut novel about the War of 1812, Gallagher's Prize. It is available worldwide for Kindle download.

At the beginning of the 19th century, British global military power oppressed, outgunned and eventually invaded the young United States of America during the War of 1812.

How did America prevail against such odds? With ships, guns and the fierce desire for freedom that lived in the hearts of American sailors. Many of these men were not even Americans yet. Some came from Ireland, including Jack Gallagher.

"Gallagher's Prize" begins in southern Ireland when English law breaks up an Irish Catholic family's farmland and a young man longs for the sea. During his many adventures, Jack visits Portsmouth (England), Dublin, Tenerife, Recife, Boston and New Orleans. He learns about square sailing, naval gunnery and ship's tactics, makes interesting new friends and acquaintances, repairs long-standing enmity with his brother, rescues his family from debt, defeats a powerful and dysfunctional adversary, and experiences sex and love.

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Nelson's Band of Brothers (HC)

Nelson's Band of Brothers: Lives and MemorialsPeter Hore has a new book available for pre-order in Hardcover, Nelson's Band of Brothers: Lives and Memorials. It will be released on 30 may 2015 and in the US on 15 June 2015.

While there is a perennial interest in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic wars and in Nelson himself, there is no reference work that chronicles all the captains of his ships, their social origins, their characters and the achievements in their lives beyond their service under Nelson. This new book, researched and written by distinguished historians, descendants of some of Nelson's officers, and members of the 1805 Club, presents concise biographies of those officers who fought with Nelson in his three great battles, with superb colour illustration throughout.

Nelson first gave the name of band of brothers to the officers who had commanded ships of his fleet at the battle of the Nile (1798). This new volume will include 100 officers, ranging from lieutenants in command of gunboats at the battle of Copenhagen (1801) through captains of line-of- battle ships at the Nile and at Trafalgar (1805), to admirals in command of squadrons in his fleets. Of real significance are the specially commissioned photographs of all the monuments and memorials to Nelson s captains, descriptions with transcriptions of epitaphs, and clear directions to enable the readers to find them. Part travel book, part biography and moving testimony to Nelson's faithful captains, Nelson's Band of Brothers presents the opportunity to rediscover 100 local heroes.

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