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David Porter, Philadelphia & The Barbary Pirates (K)

David Porter, Philadelphia & The Barbary PiratesJack M. D. Owen recently released David Porter, Philadelphia & The Barbary Pirates: Lieutenant David Porter on the Shores of Tripoli. It is available worldwide for Kindle download.

One Halloween the US Navy would like to forget, played a terrible trick on Lieutenant David Porter, in 1803.

He, along with 306 other shipmates aboard the 38-gun frigate USS Philadelphia, including Captain William Bainbridge, were caught by pirates at Tripoli. It took guile and courage to free them from their 18-month slavery in the grip of a murderous, despotic Bashaw, and a renegade Scot-turned-Turk pirate. Plus the politicking of a President, Emperor and Pope.

It also introduced the United States Marine Corps onto the world stage of battle and bravery. A handful of leathernecks with a raggle-taggle army of camel-drivers and mercenaries, under determined leadership, routed the best the Barbary Coast Pirates could muster.

They helped free their comrades, after they marched across a desert, quelled mutinies, and meted out frontier justice.

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Cuckold Point (HC/K)

Cuckold PointFor those following the related series about a Thames river policeman in Napoleonic times, Patrick Easter's latest book, Cuckold Point, will we realeased in hardcover in the UK on 2 April 2015. It will also be available for kindle download for overseas readers.

October, 1799. A century is coming to an end, but river policeman Tom Pascoe's work is never done. A new case in London's Docks holds danger not just for Tom but for the nation.

Sailing master Robert Cox cannot pay his gambling debts. But he has information about a ship which has arrived in British waters carrying a precious cargo. Selling that information to one of London's most feared men might be Robert Cox's salvation - or his damnation.

Elsewhere in the warren of streets and waterways, Tom and his assistant Sam Hart are tipped off about a robbery. Their inquiries take them to London's secretive Jewish community, where a dealer admits to being told that a quantity of silk is about to come on the market. But when Robert Cox goes missing and powerful men from London's underworld and beyond begin to hunt for the silk, Tom finds himself investigating not just a crime but a conspiracy that will threaten his life, his family and his country.

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Paradise (PB/K)

ParadiseG. L. Tysk recently released a sequel to her whaling fiction novel based around native Hawaiian characters. Paradise is now available worldwide in paperback and for kindle download.

In 1849, Honolulu town, newly named the Hawaiian kingdom's capital, is caught halfway between worlds. The former backwater is now an international port for whalers and merchants, and Honolulu is where men go to seek their fortunes - until the discovery of gold in California changes everything.

Amid these early days of the Gold Rush, whaleship captain Daniel Ellis and Takao, his boatsteerer, sail into Honolulu for a brief stopover. When things don't go as planned, they'll need to turn to someone for help. Who better than Takao's brother, Shima, who now lives just outside Honolulu, working as a physician and well connected within the Hawaiian elite?

But Shima has changed, too, and he has his own secrets. In this sequel to "The Sea-God at Sunrise", Ellis and Takao may find that the biggest battles they'll face are not at sea against monsters of the deep, but in the harbors and valleys of Oahu against friend and brother.

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Storm Warning (PB/K)

Storm WarningNick Korolev has a new book which was recently released worldwide, Storm Warning. It is available in paperback and ebook versions.

Slavery. A crime against humanity and basis for a whole economy in one of the most shameful aspects of our history is the backdrop against which Storm Warning is painted. Based on a true and all but forgotten incident, part sea chase and part courtroom drama, it is the story of the capture, trial and execution of Captain Nathanial Gordon, the only man in history to face conviction for slave trading, Commander Sylvanus Godon, who captured him at sea and those men who brought him to justice and fought in his defense in a landmark case that reaches from the Circuit Court of the Southern District of New York City all the way to Washington and the new President Lincoln.

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The Shantyman (K)

The ShantymanRick Spilman has just released a new novel, The Shantyman. It is available worldwide for Kindle download and will be available in paperback shortly.

He can save the ship and the crew, but can he save himself?

In 1870, on the clipper ship Alahambra in Sydney, the new crew comes aboard more or less sober, except for the last man, who is hoisted aboard in a cargo sling, paralytic drunk. The drunken sailor, Jack Barlow, will prove to be an able shantyman. On a ship with a dying captain and a murderous mate, Barlow will literally keep the crew pulling together. As he struggles with a tragic past, a troubled present and an uncertain future, Barlow will guide the Alahambra through Southern Ocean ice and the horror of an Atlantic hurricane. His one goal is bringing the ship and crew safely back to New York, where he hopes to start anew. Based on a true story, The Shantyman is a gripping tale of survival against all odds at sea and ashore, and the challenge of facing a past that can never be wholly left behind.

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A Path in the Mighty Waters (HC)

A Path in the Mighty WatersLast month Stephen R. Berry released a new Hardcover book, A Path in the Mighty Waters: Shipboard Life and Atlantic Crossings to the New World. in the US. It will be released in the UK on 28 February 2015. It is also available worldwide for Kindle download.

In October 1735, James Oglethorpe's Georgia Expedition set sail from London, bound for Georgia. Two hundred and twenty-seven passengers boarded two merchant ships accompanied by a British naval vessel and began a transformative voyage across the Atlantic that would last nearly five months. Chronicling their passage in journals, letters, and other accounts, the migrants described the challenges of physical confinement, the experiences of living closely with people from different regions, religions, and classes, and the multi-faceted character of the ocean itself.

Using their specific journey as his narrative arc, Stephen Berry's A Path in the Mighty Waters tells the broader and hereto underexplored story of how people experienced their crossings to the New World in the eighteenth-century. During this time, hundreds of thousands of Europeans - mainly Irish and German - crossed the Atlantic as part of their martial, mercantile, political, or religious calling. Histories of these migrations, however, have often erased the ocean itself, giving priority to activities performed on solid ground. Reframing these histories, Berry shows how the ocean was more than a backdrop for human events; it actively shaped historical experiences by furnishing a dissociative break from normal patterns of life and a formative stage in travelers' processes of collective identification.

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Kings and Emperors (HC)

Kings and EmperorsThe latest Alan Lewrie novel by Dewey Lambdin titled Kings and Emperors, is now available for pre-order in hardcover worldwide. It will be released on 24 February 2015.

In Kings and Emperors, the twenty-first book in Dewey Lambdin's beloved Alan Lewrie series, Captain Alan Lewrie, Royal Navy, is still in Gibraltar, his schemes for raids along the coast of Southern Spain shot to a halt. He is reduced to commanding a clutch of harbor defense gunboats in the bay while his ship, HMS Sapphire, slowly grounds herself on a reef of beef bones! Until Napoleon Bonaparte's invasion of peaceful Portugal and his so-called collaborative march into Spain change everything, freeing Sapphire to roam against the King's enemies once more!

As kings are overthrown and popular uprisings break out all across Spain, Lewrie's right back in the action, ferrying weapons to arm Spanish patriots, scouting within close gun range of the impregnable fort of Ceuta, escorting the advance units of British expeditionary armies to aid the Spanish, and even going ashore to witness the first battles between Sir Arthur Wellesley, later the Duke of Wellington, and Napoleon's best Marshals, as the long Peninsular War that broke Imperial France begins to unfold.

From Cadiz to La Coruna, Lewrie and Sapphire will be there as history explodes!

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Lady Castaways (K)

Lady CastawaysJoan Druett has just released a new book, Lady Castaways, available for kindle download worldwide. It will be released in paperback shortly.

It was not just the men who lived on the brink of peril when under sail at sea. Lucretia Jansz, who was enslaved as a concubine in 1629, was just one woman who endured a castaway experience. Award-winning historian Joan Druett (Island of the Lost, The Elephant Voyage), relates the stories of women who survived remarkable challenges, from heroines like Mary Ann Jewell, the "governess" of Auckland Island in the icy sub-Antarctic, to Millie Jenkins, whose ship was sunk by a whale.

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