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When doing research for historic naval fiction books to add to this site I often find ones about  pirates. Some of these may be of interest to naval fiction fans so I am adding them to this index. If you are interested in purchasing any, and direct links are not provided from the book, please visit and search the online stores.


A rip roaring pirate yarn about an ordinary fishing village lad from Cornwall who was press ganged into the Navy at an early age. He then went on to be one, if not the richest, pirates ever to survive into old age. He was a thinking man's pirate or if you wish, crafty.

This tale does not rely on historical fact and is not filled with technical jargon about sailing ships. It is a back to basics good old fashion adventure story that bubbles along with action all the way.

Being a pirate novel this book does contain some moderate violence.

This is the first book in a series of five that charts out the incredible journey of Lantern Jack, navigator extraordinaire.

Lantern Jack: The Adventure Begins


In this, the second of a series of five books that tells the life story of navigator extraordinaire, Lantern Jack, the story continues with what happens when Jack and his fellow pirates return to Plague Island. They hatch a plan to attack one of the largest French gold ships that sails the sea while it travels laden with treasure on its way to trade. But how can such a well guarded ship be captured? Enter that well disguised ship, La Masquerade – "all is not what it seems!"

This tale does not rely on historical fact, nor does it get bogged down with technical jargon about sailing ships, it's a back to basics good old fashion adventure story that bubbles along with action all the way.

Being a pirate novel this book does contain some moderate violence.

La Masquerade


They called it the devils graveyard in paradise, an uncharted island where pirates disappeared to lick their wounds and plan further acts of piracy upon the high seas. Only a few knew of its location and those that found it by chance never left, staying as residents in an ever growing graveyard.

Paradise it was with plenty of fresh water and fruit to lure unsuspecting ships to stop and refresh their supplies but it harboured a deadly disease. It was not the plague as the island was named after, for that was long gone, it was another more deadly one called piracy.

The area became notorious for ships and crews to go missing without trace. All but the foolhardy ventured there but a reputed fortune in treasure hidden on the island was too big an opportunity to miss by greedy bounty hunters and other pirates.

But where was its location?

Plague Island


It is the year 1737. Disillusioned with the Pirate Wars, Lantern Jack and his shipmates have decided to return home to Devils Point, Cornwall.

Will Jack and his men be allowed to settle down to more sedate lives as Cornish smugglers or would the call of sea and the treasures on Plague Island, strike a passion in them to become pirates once again?

Pirate or Smuggler?


This fifth book of the series tells the unlikely love story of when navigator extraordinaire Lantern Jack meets a Lady.

Their relationship is a fiery one, two strong minded people each wanting the upper hand that only one can win. A marriage was forced upon them but would it last without one killing the other? Will Jack be taken in by her charms or is there a more sinister side to her as he soon finds out that she's not as innocent as she first makes out. She leads him into a dangerous adventure that nearly kills them all.

For the Love of a Pirate


As Hector Lynch is diving for Spanish plunder in the sparkling waters of the Caribbean, he and his companions are captured by a French ship. Trying desperately to make their escape, they are shipwrecked on a tiny island near Jamaica. Hector's wife is waiting for him in Tortuga, and as he knows he has to somehow make his way back to her; meanwhile she decides to undertake the hazardous journey to find him. As Hector's voyages continue, he soon finds himself on the run across the high seas, accused of piracy...

Pirate: Privateer

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