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When doing research for historic naval fiction books to add to this site I often find ones about  pirates. Some of these may be of interest to naval fiction fans so I am adding them to this index. If you are interested in purchasing any, and direct links are not provided from the book, please visit and search the online stores.


"I was paralysed with fear and confusion. I knew I would not be able to get the boat into the water before the pirates arrived. My hand went instinctively to the pistol in my belt. My only hope was to stand and fight." Nathan has joined his father for his first-ever voyage by sea - sailing to explore the wilds of the Amazon. But they have not been at sea for long before they are ambushed by pirates. Nathan is taken hostage by the infamous Captain Graham and given a terrible ultimatum: join the murderous pirate crew or face execution. A fast-paced, gripping story with a courageous protagonist!



Milad has always dreamed of the exciting life of a sailor, but his first voyage as a ship's boy brings more than Milad ever imagined: pirates, treasure, spies, a mysterious stowaway, a dangerous journey from the wilds of Africa to the pyramids of Memphis, and a meeting with the great King Solomon. Milad joins a fleet of Phoenician mariners on an expedition to Ophir, deep in Africa. But before they reach their destination, the fleet is attacked by the notorious pirate Kallabos.

So begins a great adventure, as Milad and the wise navigator Hakim must save a casket of sapphires from falling into the hands of the pirates. They carry it to the African shore, then begin an overland journey back to Jerusalem, pursued by Kallabos and his men. They travel through the wilds of Africa, enduring thirst, attack by ferocious animals, and the marauding pirates, before a final confrontation among the tombs of Memphis.

Milad: The Voyage to Ophir


The Caribbean during the first two decades of the 18th century, was a paradise of pirates. These decayed noblemen, soldiers without pay and sailors too proud for discipline, were men of a bolder type than the commercial butchers who later brought such discredit on the name, and their adventures were more fantastic and more terrible.

The gentlemen of fortune gathered on the Isle of Providence, "by whose wenches, infernal vegetation and white sun which nourished incurable diseases, they were forced into a path where their imaginations could be exercised freely." In the grog-shops and bordellos of this island they laid the plans for a pirate empire.

Among the more famous of their vessels was the Morning Star. Pierre Mac Olan, in relating the history of this brig of 32 guns, has manned it with a different crew and expanded its adventures with the aid of rare manuscripts and an imagination rarer still, but he has remained faithful to the spirit of the original.

This novel is not a pirate-book for children! "It is written for sophisticated people who are capable of enjoying the grotesque, cruel and supernatural adventures of George Merry and his crew, and can be charmed by the free exercise of the imagination, the terror of the sea and the pleasant sound of good prose.

(Original French edition: A Bord de l'Etoile Matutine, 1920)

On Board the Morning Star


"Lucky Jack" Burrell's quest for revenge against Sophia Deford will have to wait until he discharges a debt. He has to help her find the fabled pirate treasure Garvey's Gold. Then he can wring her dainty neck.

For her part, Sophia has no intention of sharing anything with anyone. She will have all of Garvey's Gold, no matter how much Jack's lean-muscled body makes her want to get to know him just a little bit better before she gets rid of him.

As the two adversaries squabble their way across Florida following the clues on their treasure map, they know that before they're through they're either going to kiss each other, kill each other, or both. . .

The Bride and the Buccaneer


Christine Sanders believes the best way to live comfortably in 1820s Florida is to turn pirate and rob a man with money. And the perfect man to rob is the man who took her money — her husband.

(2007 Eppie Award for Best Historical Romance)

Pirate's Price


Amanda Stephenson is a widow traveling from Yorkshire to Charleston in the 1820's to set up her soap making business. It's a grand adventure, just as she's always dreamed — until her ship is boarded by the crew of the privateer Zephyr. Amanda's plans for her future do not include large, hairy, uncouth pirates. Morgan Roberts has his work cut out for him, but he's prepared to try his most piratical tricks if it will convince the luscious widow to become Captain Sinister's Lady.

Captain Sinister's Lady

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