Henry Newbolt

Sir Henry John Newbolt (1862-1938) was a lawyer, novelist, playwright and magazine editor. Above all, he was a poet who championed the virtues of chivalry and sportsmanship combined in the service of the British Empire. Born in Bilston, Staffordshire, and following studies at Clifton School and Oxford University, Newbolt became a barrister.

Shortly after war was declared Newbolt, a friend and contemporary of Sir Douglas Haig, was recruited by the head of Britain's War Propaganda Bureau (WPB), Charles Masterman, to help shape and maintain public opinion in favour of the war effort. Newbolt, who was appointed controller of telecommunications during the war, was knighted in 1915. The Companion of Honour followed in 1922. His autobiography, My World as in My Time was published in 1932.

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