Jack M. D. Owen

Jack M. D. Owen served in the Royal Navy from motor torpedo boats to a carrier-based jet squadron, and aboard a legendary anti U-Boat frigate and England's last battleship. He also wrote for boating periodicals and a column in a major Florida daily newspaper. He has sailed the English Channel, raced, cruised, and crewed the American East Coast. Nurtured on C.S. Forester and Nicholas Montserrat , he also devoured the antics of Philip Wylie's 'Crunch and Des', a generous dollop of Guy Gilpatrick's, Glencannon - and all the series pot-boilers between. In ocean lore, nationality knows no boundaries for seamen who have left their mark on the world. During his lifetime as a sailor, journalist and bookseller, the author has observed those traits which compel lovers of all things nautical. Just a triangular shape can get the juices flowing.

Series: The Porter Saga
Year  Book  Comment
  Midshipman Porter In Harms Way Davy Porter shares the courage of his ancestors
1803 David Porter, Philadelphia & The Barbary Pirates Lieutenant David Porter on the Shores of Tripoli

The author’s official web site is jackowensdogwatchyarns.blogspot.co.uk

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