Anne Salmond

Dame Mary Anne Salmond (1945- ) was born in Wellington, New Zealand and grew up in Gisborne, before being sent to board at Solway College in Masterton. She was educated at the University of Auckland and the University of Pennsylvania.

She is a Distinguished Professor of Maori Studies and Anthropology at the University of Auckland. For many years she worked closely with Eruera Stirling and Amiria Stirling, noted elders of Te Whānau-ā-Apanui and Ngati Porou. Their collaboration led to three books about Maori life.

AOS Naval Non Fiction

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Year  Book  Comment
  Bligh: William Bligh in the South Seas The triumphs and disasters of William Bligh's life
  The Trial of the Cannibal Dog Captain Cook in the South Seas

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