Bruce Alexander

Bruce Alexander Cook (1932–2003) was an American journalist and author, born in Chicago, who wrote under the pseudonym Bruce Alexander, creating historical novels.

He served as a translator in the U.S. Army in Frankfurt, Germany, in the late 1950s and also did public relations work. He joined the editorial staff of the National Observer in Washington, D.C., in 1967 and covered movies, books, and music. When that newspaper folded, he became book editor of USA Today, the Detroit News, and then the Los Angeles Daily News (from 1984 to 1990).[ He was a senior editor at Newsweek. In the meantime, he was writing as a free-lance, selling to such publications as the National Catholic Reporter.

One of his series of novels was about the blind magistrate Sir John Fielding, the real-life founder of London's first police force, one of which has a nautical background..

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  Watery Grave The death of an officer is deemed murder, not accident.

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