C. E. Bowman

C. E. Bowman sailed into the Caribbean in the spring of 1974 after an adventurous 38 day crossing of the Atlantic on a small sailboat. On the beaches of the Grenadine island of Bequia he began what would become a lifelong love affair with wooden boats. Working alonside the skilled island shipwrights, he learnt from the keel up how to build a wooden vessel by 'hand and eye'. This eduvcation culminated in the building of the 68 foot schooner Water Pearl, which was launched in 1980.

It was there that he became immersed in the stories and traditions of the West Indies and heard of the destruction of a German U-boat by the local schooner fleets which became the basis of a novel. He now resides in Fremantle, West Australia.

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  Tradewinds: A Tale of the Caribbean The crew of the schooner Roulette battle a ruthless and unseen foe

The author’s official web site is tradewindpublishing.com

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