Cathryn Pearce

Cathryn J. Pearce grew up on the Alaskan coast, which gave her an appreciation for the sea and for maritime history. She obtained a BA in History from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, and an MA in British and Maritime History from the University of Victoria in Canada, and taught at the University of Alaska Anchorage-Kenai Peninsula College before relocating to England, and joining the History team at University Campus Suffolk (UCS) in September 2009. Cathryn received a Ph.D. from the University of Greenwich's Greenwich Maritime Institute, where she investigated the actual practices of Cornish wrecking, as opposed to the folkoric narratives and continues to research on the relationship of coastal people with the sea.

She is also an Honorary Research Associate at the Greenwich Maritime Institute and secretary for the publications committee for the Society for Nautical Research.

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  Cornish Wrecking 1700-1860 Reality and Popular Myth

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