Christopher Hibbert

Christopher Hibbert, MC, FRSL, FRGS (1924-2008) was an English writer, historian and biographer. He has been called "a pearl of biographers" (New Statesman), was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and the author of many books, including Disraeli, Edward VII, George IV, The Rise and Fall of the House of Medici, and Cavaliers and Roundheads.

Born Arthur Raymond Hibbert in Enderby, Leicestershire he was educated at Radley College, before going up to Oriel College at the University of Oxford (MA). He left Oriel College to join the Army, where a sneering sergeant major called him Christopher Robin. The "Christopher" stuck. He served as an infantry officer in the London Irish Rifles regiment in Italy during World War II, reaching the rank of captain. He was wounded twice and awarded the Military Cross in 1945. From 1945 to 1959 he was a partner in a firm of land agents and auctioneers, and commenced his writing career in 1957.

He was awarded the Heinemann Award for Literature in 1962, and the McColvin Medal in 1989, was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and the Royal Geographical Society, and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Literature by the University of Leicester. He lived at Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

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