David BlackDavid Black is a former Fleet Street journalist and television documentary producer. He spent much of his childhood a short walk from the Royal Navy Submarine Memorial at Lazaretto Point on the Firth of Clyde, and he grew up watching the passage of both US and Royal Navy submarines in and out of the Firth's bases at Holy Loch and Faslane. As a boy, the lives of those underwater warriors captured his imagination. When he grew up, he discovered the truth was even more epic, and so followed the inspiration for his fictional submariner Harry Gilmour and a series of novels about his adventures across World War Two. David Black is also the author of a non-fiction book, Triad Takeover: A Terrifying Account of the Spread of Triad Crime in the West. He lives in Argyll.

Modern Era Naval Fiction

Series: Harry Gilmour
Year  Book  Comment
1940 Gone to Sea in a Bucket Gilmour’s first encounter with battleship action is not the adventure he had hoped for
1941 The Skipper's Dog's Called Stalin Harry is appointed as Liaison Officer aboard the Free French submarine Radegonde


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