G. L. Tysk

Ger Liang Tysk was born in Chicago to Hong Kong immigrants. She was raised in Texas, moved abroad to Japan, and now lives in Massachusetts with her Norwegian-American husband. This muddling of multiple cultures drives her to explore the effect of cultural exchange and diversity in her writing. She's particularly inspired by the history of American whaling in the New England area. In addition to writing, she works as an artist and photographer in the greater Boston area. She is also a member of a local Japanese taiko drumming ensemble.

AOS Other Nautical Fiction

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Year  Book  Comment
1841 The Sea-God at Sunrise Shipwrecked Japanese fisherman are rescued by a passing American whaling ship
1849 Paradise Daniel Ellis and Takao, his boatsteerer, sail into Honolulu for a brief stopover

The author’s official web site is gltysk.com

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