Harry Homewood was a qualified submariner before he was seventeen years old, having lied to the Navy about his age, and serving in a little "S"-boat in the old Asiatic Fleet. After Pearl Harbor he reenlisted and made eleven war patrols in the Southwest Pacific. He later became Chicago Bureau Chief for Newsweek, chief editorial writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, and for eleven years had his own weekly news program syndicated to thirty-two PBS television stations.

Modern Era Naval Fiction

Series: The Silent War
Year  Book  Comment
  Final Harbor She was the USS Mako, as fearless and bold as any submarine
  Silent Sea The crew of USS Eelfish must prove themselves on two fronts — against the Japanese and their own Admirals
  Torpedo! The nuclear submarine USS Sharkfin has been sunk
Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  O God of Battles Rival brothers seek glory in a world at war
  China Hand Bobby MacPherson was naively excited by his assignment to the submarine S-37.

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