P. T. Deutermann

Peter T. Deutermann was born in 1941 in Boston, Massachusetts, the son of Lieutenant Commander (later Vice Admiral). The family moved in 1944 to La Jolla, California, where they lived until the end of the Second World War in the Pacific. Between the end of the war and 1959, when Peter entered the Naval Academy, the family lived in various places throughout the United States and also in Argentina. He attended parochial, public, and Jesuit high schools, graduating from Creighton Prep in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1959 and was commissioned in 1963 at Annapolis into the surface line, where he was ordered to the new destroyer USS Morton (DD-948). He served in Morton for two years, and was onboard for the second Gulf of Tonkin incident in September,1964, which precipitated the first significant aircraft carrier strikes against North Vietnam.

He spent 26 years in the Navy including periods in command of the guided missile destroyer Tattnall (DDG-19), an appointment as a technical delegate to the United Nations participating in arms control negotiations with the Soviet Union and command of Destroyer Squadron 25, based in Pearl Harbor. After retirement he worked successively for three companies over the next four years which supported the Federal Aviation Administration in the procurement of large scale computer systems. He published his first fiction novel in 1992

Modern Era Naval Fiction

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Year  Book  Comment
  Scorpion in the Sea Off the Florida coast a fishing boat vanishes without a trace
  Sweepers An ex-SEAL scarred by one horrific episode in Vietnam-has gone rogue
WWII Pacific Glory Following two men through the most dramatic air and sea battles of the war
1944 Ghosts of Bungo Suido An American submarine must penetrate Japan's Inland Sea
1945 Sentinels of Fire The USS Malloy's much-admired Captain is losing his mind
WWII The Commodore Harmon Wolf, an American Indian, is promoted to Commodore of a destroyer squadron.
1942 The Iceman Stormes, with his cold, steely-eyed focus on killing Japanese ships, is an enigma
WWII The Nugget After cheating death and losing his friend Steele vows to avenge the attack
1945 Trial by Fire The war in the Pacific is approaching its apocalyptic climax
WWII The Hooligans Fictionalizes the little-known but remarkable exploits of “The Hooligan Navy”
WWII The Last Paladin based on the true story of the USS Holland (DE-24)

The author’s official web site is ptdeutermann.com

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