Robert Carse

Robert Carse was a pulp fiction author first appearing in 1928. His stories appeared frequently in Argosy magazine and also in The Saturday Evening Post. He also wrote paperback original swashbuckling historical novels and also some non-fiction works.

There is an eyewitness account by a Robert Carse, a seaman aboard the SS Steel Worker as it made its way along the Norwegian coast in an Arctic convoy during WWII and whilst I have not been able to establish a firm connection, as the authors published works include Lifeline: The Ships and Men of Our Merchant Marine at War and Nitro to Murmansk, it seems probable that that may represent an account of his wartime service.

He was chosen to write the novelization of a 1961 film starring actor Steve Reeves which became Morgan the Pirate.

AOS Pirate Fiction

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Year  Book  Comment
  Morgan the Pirate Henry Morgan's early activities in the Caribbean and Central America.
  The Fabulous Buccaneer About Alexander Selkirk, a privateer who was marooned on Juan Fernandez, off the coast of Chile.

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