Tim Severin

Tim Severin (1940 - 2020), explorer/traveller, author, film-maker and lecturer, made his first expedition by motor cycle along the route of Marco Polo while still a student at Oxford. This was the start of his career as an explorer and writer. Severin has recreated a number of legendary voyages and journeys in order to determine how much of the legends are based on factual experience.

He has also written a fictional series about a pirate.

AOS Pirate Fiction

Series: The Pirate Adventures of Hector Lynch
Year  Book  Comment
1677 Corsair Barbary corsairs raid an Irish fishing village and Hector Lynch and his sister are taken prisoner.
  Buccaneer Hector Lynch falls into the hands of the notorious buccaneer, Captain John Coxon
  Sea Robber Hector is on a nightmare passage around Cape Horn where he comes across a small warship entombed on an icefloe
  Pirate: Privateer Lynch is shipwrecked on a tiny island near Jamaica
  Pirate: Freebooter Lynch has come to St Mary's Island, near Madagascar

AOS Other Non Fiction

Series: Voyage
Year  Book  Comment
  The Brendan Voyage It has been described as the greatest epic voyage in modern Irish history.
  The Sindbad Voyage Could his fictional voyages be recreated in the modern world?
  The Jason Voyage Jason could have made the journey considered impossible
  The Ulysses Voyage Severin followed the route of Ulysses' voyage home
  The Spice Islands Voyage In search of the real story behind Alfred Wallace’s expeditions.
  The China Voyage Testing the theory that Asian soldiers reached America some 2,000 years ago
Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  In Search Of Moby Dick Quest for the White Whale

 The author’s official web site is www.timseverin.net

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