Robert V. S. Redick

Robert V. S. Redick is the editor for the Spanish and French websites of Oxfam America and an instructor in the International Development and Social Change program at Clark University. Born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, he lives in rural western Massachusetts. Hishis unpublished novel Conquistadors was a finalist for the 2002 AWP/Thomas Dunne Novel Award, under the title Wilderness. 

Series: The Chathrand Voyage
Year  Book  Comment
  The Red Wolf Conspiracy The Chathrand is the last of her kind - built 600 years ago she dwarves all the ships around her.
  The Rats and the Ruling Sea The Chathrand must brave uncharted seas and explore lands forgotten by the Northern world
  The River of Shadows The Chathrand must cross the seas in a desperate bid to stop the sorcer Arunis unleashing the Swarm of Night
  The Night of the Swarm The Chathrand has reached the shores of the legendary southern empire of Bali Adro

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