Sir Edward Belcher

Admiral Sir Edward Belcher (1799-1877) is probably best known for his expedition to find Sir John Franklin, lost in the ice whilst searching for the North West Passage. As a surveyor he published factual works about his many voyages.

He was a cousin of Frederick Marryat and C.S.Forester's first wife was a Belcher. Many believe that Belcher's one and only novel ‘Horatio Howard Brenton' was an inspiration for the Hornblower series. The book cover description, which is quoted in full on the books page, gives a fascinating insight into these relationships which will be of interest to all Historic Naval Fiction fans. His novel is not copyright in many countries and is available as free eBook.

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Year Book Comment
  Horatio Howard Brenton:
A Naval Novel

Originally published in 1856, it can be argued that this novel was the real model for C.S. Forester's character: Horatio Hornblower.

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  A Treatise on Nautical Surveying An Outline of the Duties of the Naval Surveyor
  H.M.S. Sulphur at California, 1837 and 1839 The Accounts of Midshipman Francis Guillemard Simpkinson and Captain Edward Belcher
  Narrative of a Voyage Round the World Including Details of the Naval Operations in China, from Dec. 1840, to Nov. 1841
  The Last of the Arctic Voyages The Expedition in H. M. S. Assistance in search of Sir John Franklin
  Narrative of the Voyage of H.M.S. Samarang Surveying the Islands of the Eastern Archipelago

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