A Sea-King's Midshipman

1818: It is now three years since Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo and banished to St. Helena in the South Atlantic. Lionel Tracey is crossing the Atlantic on board his father’s ship. But the wheels of fortune are turning fast. Lionel is thrown together with Lord Cochrane, whom Napoleon called the Sea Wolf – an officer undefeated in many naval battles. The war in Europe is happily over, but the Spanish colonies in the Americas are yearning for independence. Chile has engaged Lord Cochrane to lead their new navy against the Spanish. Pukka perils await Lionel in this thrilling novel of the sea and adventures in the crumbling Spanish Empire. Will he prevail? What will his inexorable fate be?

  • Author: Arthur Lee Knight
  • Title: A Sea-King's Midshipman
  • First Published Date: 1900

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