At the Edge of HonorThe year is 1863. The Civil War is leaving its bloody trail across the nation as Peter Wake, born and bred in the North, joins the U.S. Navy and arrives in Florida for duty with the East Gulf Blockading Squadron. Assigned to the Rosalie, a tiny, armed sloop, Captain Wake commands a group of seasoned seamen on a series of voyages to seek and arrest Confederate blockade-runners and sympathizers, first in Florida's coastal waters, then in a dirty and corrupt Havana, and finally near the remote out-islands of the Bahamas. Wake learns he must make the ugly decisions of war even in a beautiful, tropical paradise--decisions that take him up to the edge of honor.

Author: Robert N. Macomber

Title: At the Edge of Honor

Series: Honor (Peter Wake)

First Published by: Pineapple Press Inc

Place: USA

Format: HC

Date: February 2002

ISBN-10: 1561642525

ISBN-13: 9781561642526


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