Castle of Fire

The once-orphaned Jonathan Moore is now reunited with his father, though soon leaves the comfort of family and London on what is considered by all to be a ‘peach‘ of a mission. However, with the arrival of another midshipman holding a severe but unexplained grudge, life aboard the HMS Danielle is anything but pleasant. Why are the new midshipmen his enemies? Who is stealing food from the ship’s stores, and why must Jonathan and Sean sneak into a heavily guarded Spanish fort in the middle of the night to do some burglary of their own?

In this second book of the Adventures of Jonathan Moore Series, Jonathan must capture a stolen British ship from blood-thirsty pirates, solve the mystery of the surprising stowaway, and defend his honor and his life during a fierce duel to the death with a murderous adversary. Alone and vastly outnumbered, the crew of the Danielle engages in a violent battle on the wild seas south of the farthest tip of Africa. Only Jonathan, Sean and an unexpected guest can turn the tide of the struggle by unlocking the secrets of a mysterious island, and re-igniting the ferocious power of the Castle of Fire!

  • Author: Peter Greene
  • Title: Castle of Fire
  • Series: The Adventures of Jonathan Moore
  • First Published Format: PB
  • First Published Date: 26 October 2012

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