In the year 1812, Jeff Robbins, a Maine boy, shipped before the mast on a cargo schooner bound for Cuba. His ship was overhauled by a British frigate, and Jeff, with some of the other men, was impressed for service aboard the British vessel.

He learned the endless duties of a sailor in the British Navy and took part in several exciting sea battles with the French. When war was declared between the United States and England, Jeff and the other Americans were treated as prisoners. He and a friend escaped when the Albatross put in for water at an uninhabited Caribbean island. What they found there and how they were rescued brings this exciting tale of adventure on sea and land to its conclusion.

Clear for Action!

Author: Stephen W. Meader

Title: Clear for Action!

Series: n/a

First Published by: Harcourt, Brace, World, Inc

Place: USA

Format: HC

Date: 1940




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