Donland's Ransom

It is 1779 and the war is going badly for England. Pirates have kidnapped the Crown prince of Portugal. Donland must rescue the prince before the French or Spanish get to him and persuade him to join forces with them. The ransom to be paid is five hundred pounds sterling in gold coin.

Donland is warned, " The man who requested you has placed you in a difficult position. You are to deliver the gold and provide assistance to him. It is the latter than should concern you, for if his mission fails you will bear the brunt of that failure."

The French fleet of Comte D'Estaing is growing stronger with reinforcements. The Caribbean is becoming a French lake. From Saint Lucia to Grenada and onward to the Port of Spain, Donland and the crew of the Hornet outwit and out sail their pursuers.

Author: Perry Comer

Title: Donland's Ransom

Series: Donland

First Published by:


Format: Kindle

Date: 21 April 2015




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