In 1807 Napoleon's navy had been beaten at Trafalgar but still offered a threat to Britain's mastery of the sea. Adam Sheridan is a lieutenant of a King's frigate that encounters the Messidor, a heavily armed French frigate. His captain is killed in the action and Adam assumes command of his ship, the Hertford. It was not unusual for junior officer to take command when his captain fell but he was not the senior lieutenant. The First Lieutenant was conspicuous by his absence as Adam carried out his duty. But would Adam's efforts be recognised?

The Messidor was not the only French frigate that Napoleon had deployed to threaten Britain's vital maritime commerce. The Brumaire and Floreal were also at large in the channel and British waters. Adam has to meet the threat from the French and enlist the support of unlikely allies as he advances his career and carries out his duty.

For King and Our Country

Author: Richard Nigel Stembridge

Title: For King and Our Country


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Format: Kindle

Date: 26 February 2013





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