Lieutenant Brace, charged with investigating the loss of the Frigate Intrepid, finds himself involved with far more than his original brief. He plays a vital role in preserving the security of his country.

During his travels he experiences several increasingly dangerous situations, but makes his stand against almost impossible odds. However, he eventually finds the love of his life, the Lady Catherine, only to lose her in having to pursue his duty; but fortune always favours the brave.

This story covers a period of 100 days between February 4th and May 14th 1797, a time full of dramatic events, which are recorded in historical documents, letters and newspapers of that time

Lieutenant Brace And The Intrepid

Author: Derrick G. J. Swinfield

Title: Lieutenant Brace And The Intrepid


First Published by: Meadvale Maritime


Format: PB

Date: 1999

ISBN-10: 0953523012

ISBN-13: 9780953523016




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