After ferrying General George Washington's troops across the East River and through the hell known as the Battle of Long Island, Captain Isaac Biddlecomb receives a monumental order. He is to transport to France the most powerful secret weapon in the country's arsenal -- scientist, philosopher, and spirit of the enlightenment Dr. Benjamin Franklin. With a new team of men forging through the wintry North Atlantic, and braving the cordon of the Royal Navy, Biddlecomb's seemingly simple mission is just the first volley in a grand scheme: to topple France's neutrality by gaining its vital support, and turn the colonial uprising into a full-scale world war for freedom. 

Lords of the Ocean

Author: James L. Nelson

Title: Lords of the Ocean

Series: Revolution at Sea Saga

First Published by: Pocket Books


Format: HC

Date: 1999

ISBN-10: 0671034901

ISBN-13: 9780671034900



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