Master of RomeA stirring adventure novel set amid the tumultuous clashes between the Roman and Carthaginian empires, battling for control of the Mediterranean, north Africa and Rome itself.

Atticus, the young Greek captain, is now a commander of the growing Roman navy, blockading a port near Tunis, when the Roman legions suffer terrible defeat by the triumphant Carthaginian army, spearheaded by the elephant charges. He and his ships escape together with the main body of the Roman fleet out manoevred by the more skillful Carthaginians and then caught and almost completely annhilated by a terrible storm.

Atticus and his crew are among the handful of survivors and being the messenger of this news to the Senate in Rome brings Atticus into political troubles, almost as stormy as the sea. He begins to feel not only that a greek will never be accepted by the Romans but also that the behaviour of many, both politicians and soldiers, is such that he is not sure that he wants to be a Roman.

Full of dramatic battles by land and sea, led by tremendous characters on both sides, Master of Rome is a powerful novel, the third in this bestselling series by a born storyteller.

Author: John Stack

Title: Master of Rome

Series: Masters of the Sea

First Published by: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd


Format: HC

Date: 20 January 2011

ISBN-10: 0007285272

ISBN-13: 9780007285273


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