Of all the various wars in which the United States has participated, the War of 1812 perhaps holds the most romantic place because it was almost entirely fought on the high seas. Particularly interesting is that phase of it which was fought in the South Pacific Ocean during the years between 1812 and 1814. In this interval the intrepid raider Essex, U.S. Navy, commanded by Captain David Porter, was occupied with preying upon English whaling ships and English men-of-war.

Aboard the Essex is the hero of this yarn James M'Keever. He has knocked around in various corners of the earth on other ships. But when he becomes a member of the crew of the Essex, he sees a chance to earn promotion and recognition, and to realize his ambitions.

Many incidents in which M'Keever takes part are imaginary. But just as many are a matter of written records all of which the author has thoroughly examined during many months of research.


Author: Raymond J. Toner

Title: Meeheevee


First Published by: Albert Whitman & Co

Place: Chicago, IL

Format: HC

Date: 1940





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