HMS Amazon, a 32-gun frigate, arrives in Bombay where her crew discover that a number of ships of the East India Company have disappeared somewhere in the Indian Ocean. There are reports of a very powerful privateer at work and the Governor despatches Amazon to find and destroy her. Soon afterwards Amazon is in a fight for her life against a much stronger foe, resulting in many of her officers killed. Midshipman John Fury finds himself, in his first ever combat, in charge of the gun deck.

In such crucibles of fire are the officers in His Majesty's Service forged. Showing exceptional courage and coolness, the shadows of the past are forever banished and Fury's naval career begins in glory as he becomes a leader of men.


Mr Midshipman Fury

Author: G. S. Beard

Title: Mr Midshipman Fury

Series: John Fury

First Published by: Century


Format: HC

Date: 3 Aug 2006

ISBN-10: 1846050529

ISBN-13: 9781846050527




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