Niagara Squadron

Fort Niagara is the key to the American continent. Whoever owns that lonely outpost at the edge of civilisation controls the entire Great Lakes region.

Pitt’s grand strategy for 1759 is to launch a three-pronged attack on Canada. One army would move north from Lake Champlain, a second would sail up the St Lawrence to capture Quebec, and a third force would strike across the wilderness to Lake Ontario and French-held Fort Niagara.

Commander George Holbrooke is seconded to command the six hundred boats to carry the army through the rivers and across Lake Ontario. That’s the easy part; he also has to deal with two powerful brigs that guarantee French naval superiority on the lake.

Holbrooke knows time is running out to be posted as captain before the war ends and promotions dry up; his rank is the stumbling block to his marriage to Ann, waiting for him in his hometown of Wickham Hampshire.

  • Author: Chris Durbin
  • Title: Niagara Squadron
  • Series: Carlisle and Holbrooke Naval Adventures
  • First Published by: Independently published
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 13 October 2020

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