Petty Lies, Lives and Officers is a tragicomic book, set in the late 18th and first half of the 19th century.

The leading character, Con Foster, is forced to leave the navy at the age of one and twenty, when Captain Brightling, Con's former guardian, learns about a secret that Con has managed to keep for seven years.
The book consists of three main parts: Duty, Honour en Loyalty.

In "Duty", Captain Brightling learns about the motives for important choices Con has made the past seven years. This part mainly consist of letters which Con has written to a deceased sibling. The reader learns how Captain Brightling responds to Con's choices and actions as well as about the things Con has experienced over the period. I used real ships' logs to create the naval part of the book.

In "Honour", Con tries to build a new life on shore, which proves to be not as easy as anticipated.

In "Loyalty", Con's naval past proves to cause some awkward situations. Former friends and shipmates reappear. Who can be trusted?

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Author: D. V. Reddish

Title: Petty Lies, Lives and Officers


First Published by:


Format: Epub

Date: January 2015



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