Sam fights in a fierce battle against the Danish Fleet, led by none other than Nelson himself, and against all odds victory is theirs. Peace is declared and Britain's war with most of Northern Europe is over. Sam can go home. But on the journey back, he witnesses a crime, for which he is framed. He is sentenced to death, but at the last minute his sentence is commuted to transportation to Australia. With petty thieves, vicious criminals, women, and other children, Sam begins an eight month journey to the other side of the world, and a life of slavery in the harsh Australian interior. He knows that against all odds, he must escape.

Prison Ship

Author: Paul Dowswell

Title: Prison Ship

Series: Sam Witchall

First Published by: Bloomsbury Children's Books

Place: US

Format: HC

Date: 2006

ISBN-10: 1582346763

ISBN-13: 9781582346762



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