John Paul Jones, the tempestuous Scottish naval fighter, is the hero of this salty, man-sized novel. Jones had to fight a constant battle to pry food, funds, and supplies for his men from the Americans he was fighting for ... Using the French harbor of Brest as a base, Jones won powerful allies in the persons of two Frenchwomen. One helped him step his way through the complicated twists of international intrigue. The other, whose figure was that of a young girl but whose gray eyes were not, taught him what a safe haven a loving woman's heart was. John Paul Jones turned away from that warmth to sail into one of the great naval battles of all time. Commanding a sinking ship, Jones upset fantastic odds to board and defeat the powerful British Serapis in a rousing, bloody slugging match for a great victory of the American Revolution.

Sailor Named Jones
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Author: Harvey Haislip

Title: Sailor Named Jones

Series: Tommy Potter

First Published by: Doubleday

Place: New York

Format: HC

Date: 1957






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