Second Summer of War

Set in 1813, Second Summer of War is a sequel to Come Looking for Me. With the British traitor Captain Thomas Trevelyan incarcerated on a prison hulk in Portsmouth Harbour, Princess Emeline "Emily" Louisa sails back to England and is summarily dispatched to Hartwood Hall, home of the disagreeable Duke and Duchess of Belmont. There she endures weeks awaiting Trevelyan's trial, unable to leave the estate or find useful occupation. Relations with her guardians, chilly at best, soon escalate into a battle of wills when they attempt to marry her off in order to secure favour with her uncle, the Prince Regent. Meanwhile, England's naval war with the United States continues to rage on the Atlantic. When Fly Austen and his friend, Dr. Leander Braden, are given Admiralty Orders to testify at the trial, they return home with the hope of seeing Emily one last time. Their journey is anything but uneventful as they encounter devastating storms, menacing ships, and a spectre that proclaims their impending doom.

Author: Cheryl Cooper

Title: Second Summer of War

Series: Seasons of War

First Published by: A J. Patrick Boyer


Format: PB

Date: 11 January 2014

ISBN-10: 1459707753

ISBN-13: 9781459707757


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