State Secrets

With the Treaty of Amiens, William Calvert returns to England to marry his fiancee Isabella Kenton.He discovers that he has been promoted to Post Captain. He is ordered to take command of frigate Optimist which is in a state of near mutiny. Not only does he have to quell any signs of mutiny, he is also given very secret orders. So secret that very few people in Government know of them. So secret that they must never be revealed!

He is forced to leave his beautiful new bride and set out on a hazardous mission to parts abroad, where action is the name of the day. He is forced to use very innovative methods if he is to complete the mission successfully. If he fails, nobody must ever know what he was trying to achieve.
But this is only the start..........

Author: Leighton Harding

Title: State Secrets

Series: Calvert

First Published by:


Format: Kindle

Date: 10 December 2011




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