Giles Courtenay is with his Tempest and the rest of the squadron blockading the French coast off La Rochelle. Following a boat action against French invasion craft, his Admiral is recalled to Admiralty and Courtenay receives orders to receive the flag of an old acquaintance Sir Richard LeGrange and thereafter to proceed, with the squadron, on a mission to the East Indies. The object was to rest control of the Indies from the Dutch and to secure Britain's trading routes. First to the Cape, where Piers Tandy re-appears and where the squadron is required to assist the new Governor General of Ceylon, and then on to the Dutch-held East Indies and to Amboyna. Thereafter, Islands are taken, strongpoints and batteries reduced, until finally the seat of Dutch Government in the area is secured. Courtenay as always is in the thick of the action, supported as always by his friends James Fenwick, Steven Jeffery and the ever-present Alex Trafford. Their final action is to dispose of a combined French/Dutch squadron which has been sent to try to unseat the British from their new gains.

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Author: Brian Withecombe

Title: Tempest in the East Indies

Series: Giles Courtenay

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Format: Kindle

Date: 23 June 2016





  • Author: Brian Withecombe
  • Title: Tempest in the East Indies
  • Series: Giles Courtenay
  • First Published Format: Kindle
  • First Published Date: 23 June 2016

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