1768 Based on Cartwright's ill-fated expedition in search of the Beothuk. Jonah Squibb and his Royal Navy companions are tasked with making the first peaceful contact with the Beothuk in more than a century and a half. Conspiring against them are the unforgiving wilderness, unscrupulous merchants and politicians, and the Beothuk's mistrust of the party's motives. Greed and compassion collide in this robust and spirited novel that recreates the epic 1768 Cartwright mission to right the wrongs of a bloody past. The novel breathes new life to events that sealed the fate of the Beothuk and etched the very soul of Newfoundland The Beothuk Expedition

Author: Derek Yetman

Title: The Beothuk Expedition

Series: Jonah Squibb

First Published by: Breakwater Books

Place: St. John's

Format: PB

Date: 1 August 2012

ISBN-10: 1550813609

ISBN-13: 9781550813609




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