1793, Naples. One of the most tempestuous love affairs in history is about to begin...

Europe has been shaken by the recent revolution in France, and the old monarchies of Europe wage war to stop its flames spreading to their own lands. At the forefront of all is Britain, and the might of the Royal Navy.

With each victory, Horatio Nelson has risen far: his independent spirit and dash have won him much renown. But it is not enough. After suffering a rare setback, Nelson finds himself in the Bay of Naples on a diplomatic mission, where he encounters the Ambassador’s wife: Lady Emma Hamilton.

In each other they find the solace missing from both their lives, at a moment that could not have been more critical. Together they set tongues wagging across the civilised world with their ardent, open liaison, but their relationship would prove more lasting than any scandal it provoked. Only the death of Nelson could end it.

The Nelson Touch

Author: Noel Bertram Gerson (sometimes released under the Pseudonym Paul Lewis)

Title: The Nelson Touch

Series: n/a

First Published by: Holt, Rinehart and Winston



Date: 1960






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