The Pirate Slaver

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This book is written as by a midshipman in a British warship patrolling the west coast of Africa, especially the Congo area, to try to prevent the slave traders, especially the Portuguese, from succeeding in their efforts to get the poor captured Africans over the Atlantic to Cuba in the most miserable conditions.

But it doesn't work out as simply as that! For the hero, Harry Dugdale, is captured in an action, and would have been killed but for the interest taken in him by the slaver-captain's son. From this there sprang a deal with the slaver that Harry would assist with navigation and watch-keeping, but must go below decks when there is an action in progress.

  • Author: Harry Collingwood
  • Title: The Pirate Slaver
  • First Published by: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
  • First Published Format: 1895

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