The Price of GloryNathan Peake charts a perilous course through the treacherous seas off Brittany and into the even more dangerous waters of post-Revolutionary Paris. There he encounters two of the most beautiful and scandalous courtesans in history - and their little toy soldier, laughingly dubbed Captain Cannon, who is about to win enduring fame as Napoleon Bonaparte. Returned to the command of the frigate Unicorn, Nathan is sent to join another young glory-seeker, Captain Horatio Nelson, in a bid to wreck Bonaparte's plans for the invasion of Italy. But Nathan has his own private agenda - to find his lost love amid the chaos of war - and as the fighting spreads from the mountains to the sea, he discovers that glory comes at a higher price than all the gold in the vaults of Genoa.

Author: Seth Hunter

Title: The Price of Glory

Series: Nathan Peake

First Published by: Headline Review


Format: HC

Date: 8 Jul 2010

ISBN-10: 0755343115

ISBN-13: 9780755343119


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