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Voyage to the First of December


On 1st December 1842 an 18 year-old midshipman was hanged at sea along with two sailors, the three having been charged with leading a conspiracy to capture their ship, the brig Somers. This book is the dramatic narrative of what happened - at sea, of the tragic conflict between the reckless, charismatic youth and the man of authority, Commander Alexander Slidell Mackenzie; and of the consequences on shore. The midshipman, Philip Spencer, was no ordinary youth: he was the son of America's Secretary of War, John C. Spencer.

The Somers Mutiny

Author: Henry Carlisle

Title: The Somers Mutiny

Series: n/a

First Published by: Gollancz


Format: HC

Date: 1972

ISBN-10: 057501511X

ISBN-13: 9780575015111



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