The Treasure Ship: Kinkaid and the Alliance

In this fifth volume of the Jonathan Kinkaid series, our intrepid captain is given command of America's premier warship, one of the finest ships ever produced during the Revolutionary War, the large and powerful 40-gun frigate Alliance, her mission to deliver 100,000 Spanish milled dollars from the Caribbean port of Havana, Cuba to the coffers of Congress.

Needless to say there are many forces that hope to grab this fortune for themselves and others would be just as happy to ensure it never reaches American shores. From the wind in the rigging to the roar of broadsides; with colorful characters, both old and new, as well as unexpected guests and surprising events, The Treasure Ship has everything one expects in a Kinkaid adventure, and more.

Author: Michael Winston

Title: The Treasure Ship: Kinkaid and the Alliance

Series: Jonathan Kincaid

First Published by: Createspace


Format: PB

Date: 5 July 2013

ISBN-10: 1481843230

ISBN-13: 9781481843232


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