The Sea LeopardThis book starts with Isam Rais on his first voyage in his new xebec, the Sea Leopard, and he soon finds himself in action against a Sardinian frigate. Badly damaged in the action he returns to port with little to show for his effort other than the enmity of a fellow muslim captain.

To repair his fortune he accepts an anti-pirate mission against his fellow muslims from the Dey but unpopular in the port must ship females to help crew the ship, a decision that will change his destiny. Succesful in his mission but badly wounded he returns to port but Spain declares war and he is put in command of the defensive force. A rich prize comes his way but then surprised and outnumbered he must fight for his life.

There is plenty of naval action and as always in this series it is interesting to see it from the corsairs perspective. It also fills in the back story of Isam Rais family and home.

The storyline is well written, fast paced and hard to put down. It was an enjoyable read which is highly recommended

Description of: The Sea Leopard

Author: M. Kei



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