Old Ironsides (1926)

The film Old Ironsides is a 1926 silent film. The film starred Charles Farrell as The Commodore and Esther Ralston as Esther. It was directed by James Cruze with a screenplay by Harry Carr and Walter Woods.

Three young men who join the Merchant Marines experience romance, action and adventure as they battle the Tripolitan Pirates of 1804. Based on the poem "Constitution" by Oliver Wendell Holmes

Old Ironsides


Charles Farrell as The Commodore, Esther Ralston as Esther, Wallace Beery as Bos'n, George Bancroft as Gunner, Charles Hill Mailes as Commodore Preble, Johnnie Walker as Lieutenant Stephen Decatur, Eddie Fetherston as Lieutenant Richard Somers and George Godfrey as The Cook. Uncredited extras who appeared before they were famous included Gary Cooper (part unknown) and Boris Karloff (as a Saracen Guard).

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